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Reply To: stock market.

K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

Please give your date of birth,time of birth and place of birth?
If you have got horoscope,please furnish it.
Stock market and commodities market ,require lot of expertise.
Most people fail in these markets ,though they got good horoscopes.

A person should not enter these fields ,without much expertise.
Otherwise,they will lose hard earned money and will take decades
to remain afloat.
If it is your family business,you can take plunge.In such a situation,
they take necessary precautions by not investing entire money.

Better you take investment advice from senior consultants.
But finding a reliable and efficient consultant is a big task.
Same is the case with starting an industry.
90% of them fail and become a burden on the bank,which lent them
big loans.Of course there are wilful defaulters.
They blame astrologers that they told him that their horoscopes
are excellent.
You might have seen some persons speaking on TV channels,
who give advice on stocks and commodities.
There are also astrologers on TV channels,who predict so many things.

It is big task for you to escape from TV astrologers or other consultants.