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12, 8 , 10th house… Can someone tell me about my birth chart?

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      9th October 1990, 9:10 am , 44 32 N 19 13 E

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      Navneet Khanna

      Place of birth please?



      Navneet Khanna


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      J V Subbarao

      As per given co-ordinates by you, it seems you have born in Loznica, Serbia. Your ascendant falls in Libra. Your running period is of Jupiter – Venus – Venus.

      As per the query it is clear that you know astrology and asked for 12th, 8th and 10th house. What is in your mind, that we do not know and can not say anything. As you are also aware that all the three houses have so many significations. Hence be clear in your query. Please answer your place of birth, as Navneet Khanna jee asked.

      As per the chart your lagna sub lord is Sun and Sun is in the star of Moon who is in the 8th and Sun is aspected by Mars from 8th house. Mars is lord of 2 and 7. Saturn aspect is on Sun in 11th from 3rd house. Hence it is assumed that you are a secretive person and is under certain circumstances of tensions. Your mind is always under tensions. You are thinking of a person who is your colleague and thinking of the pros and cons.

      Jupiter signifies 3,9,4,5,6 and Venus signifies 8,11,10,1. In this period you are thinking of tensions about your reputation and social status. The readings may not be correct.

      Please be clear and send your place of birth. (This is subject to place of birth as Loznica)


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      Your 10th and 11th houses are the weakest in your horoscope chart with around 41% strength.. 8th and 12th have first class strengths.

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