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      Preeti Sharma


      My name preeti Sharma
      DOB :7th nov 1987
      Place of birth :Delhi
      Time 3:10pm

      Husband name Shvetank Verma
      DOB :12th oct 1985
      Place of birth :Saharanpur
      Time 1:40pm

      Marriage 23rd nov 2015

      I conceived twins in feb 2020 but later miscarriage in april 2020. I have not conceived since then. All tests are ok. I am slipping into extreme anxiety due to this.

      Please let me know when we will be able to become parents. How many children yog are there in our kundali.

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      You have nothing to worry about. You will be a mother by October 2022 or even earlier.

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      Preeti Sharma

      Thank you very much for replying and your time. But Sir, october 2022 ??? This is too far. Does it mean there are no chances in 2021 ??

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      Preeti Sharma

      Thank you again for reigniting my hope.

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      If you relocate to a far off place, there are better chances to have a child sooner. Read “Transit influences of planets” on my blog

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