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About my present financial and martial status

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    Kanwaljeet Singh

    Presently i am under very tight financial condition, how is my life going to be from financial point of view ? When will i get married ?
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    Kanwaljeet Singh

    thankyou for replying
    So that means i have to struggle all my life for money ? or will it improove with time ?

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    You can look at it a bit more positively. To earn 6.95 units of money, you have to work for 10.11 units and that is what is your horoscope like. These are the strengths of your houses as an average strength for the whole lifespan. There will be better times and worse times also within. And perhaps this sort of situation might be arising out of your wasteful expenditures too. You can control such expenditure and then you will be able to strike a bargain.

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    Kanwaljeet Singh

    That means hard work is the key to success. I have no problem with that as long as i am getting the fruits 🙂
    Thanks a lot. and nice blog will read it at night.

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    Kanwaljeet Singh

    Are there any chances of me going abroad ? if yes when ?

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    Only one question is free. You will have to come through Paid services for repeated questions.

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    When you put in 10.11 units of work, your return will only be conforming to 6.95 units of work done. In other words your returns will be much less than the amount of work you put in. You can substitute the word ‘work’ with ‘Rupees’ if you do not understand what I mean. Also you will have a little bit of wasteful expenditure too. When you spend 6.5 units of money, what you get in return will only be worth 6.03 units.

    Marriage could take place around the middle of 2016.

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