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Always crying child

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      Shreya Mukherjee

      My son cries a lot, one time he’s happy but then start to cry out of nowhere, and when he starts its almost impossible to stop him. He is 3.4yr old and children around his age doesn’t cry like that, Since he still can’t talk we are unable to understand why he cries. We went to doctors but they said there is nothing wrong with him. Please tell me what can i do? Why does he cry like that?
      Dob- 11.7.2017
      Pob- durgapur

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      It looks like he has some stomach related problem since his 5th and 7th houses are afflicted. Have you breastfed him for about one and a half years? Suggest you consult a lady pediatrician who has children of her own.

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      Shreya Mukherjee

      Yes sir i still breastfeed him few times even now.
      Sir, he also falls sick very often, is there something i can do so he won’t get sick that often?

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      Suggest you consult a lady pediatrician who has children of her own. Astrology cannot offer remedies to cure diseases and other physical ailments. Read “Medical Astrology” on my blog

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao

      The child may be having some unknown sickness.
      He may be having some inflammation in his body,which is
      causing pain.

      Generally such children may be having constipation.
      If he got constipation,give him two table spoons of coconut oil.
      Other points–
      1.Place him in sunlight daily for 10 mins,if he is less than 3years.
      If he is more than 3years,you can keep him sunlight for 15mins.
      All clothing should be removed during that time.
      2.Massage his body with water morning and evening
      for 10mins.
      3.Make the child to follow veganism method.
      Veganism means avoiding milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,
      tea,icecreams,chocolates,nonveg,fish and eggs.
      please see articles in internet by typing in google-kumrao99

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