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AVPD diagnosed,so sad,what’s next?

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      DOB 20 SEPT 1986

      TOB 5 : 25 am


      Hello,i got diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder,i forced to retire from previous job due to understimating from some supervisors and some other in my workplace did gossip,slandering me behind my back.

      How will go my career and mental health the rest of the year,do you see prospects of improvement,solutions,new opportunities? Thanx.

      *Preferable answer from @TMR

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      Planet          Nature          Strength%

      Sun               Malefic          45.04
      Moon           Benefic             0.82
      Mars            Benefic             9.00
      Mercury      Benefic           36.83
      Jupiter        Benefic            14.81
      Venus          Malefic            57.19
      Saturn         Benefic            77.31
      Rahu           Benefic            12.05
      Kethu          Benefic              7.91

      Net               Benefic           32.90

      From the above it is clear that your Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu and Kethu have hardly any strength and this has caused the 1st Personality house to have a below average strength leading to AVPD. Suggest you try to shift residence to somewhere more than 2500 Kms to take advantage of transit horoscope for which you should consult a local astrologer. Or get an employment with Merchant Navy (Cargo ships) when you will be mostly away from your native place.


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      I cannot leave parents house due to low financial salary from my current job.So you suggest as solution,to leave my current house and go to another one 2.500km far away?

      I’m taking antidepressants and therapy since feb,Navneet Khanna said me that work will be challenging but after summer will improve and money gaining.Mental health will improve this year? Disorder need long term treatment.

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      You are free to do what is best suited for you. Astrology cannot cure you of your problem.

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