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Bad kundali.

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    Dear astrologers can u please insight into these details.
    Sir i think iam a very bad luck person in the world with worst kundali.always struggling with problems.within 3 months after marriage inlaws and husband caused troubles and currently they seperated us.i became mentally and physically weak with my marital response to live together from him.
    Pls tell when would i will be free from these marital problems and live happily.dont have kids this a cursed kundali.

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    I think it would be better to find a job and that will reduce your pains. Your seventh house Lord has only less than 1% residential strength and is highly malefic which is why your marital life is in doldrums. Read Srimad Maha Bhagavatham daily which will ease your mind and be happy in life.

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      Sir does it means i never get marital happiness and progeny in life?i have to live alone throughout entire life?i expected same. How can i be happy sir my life is spoiling.mine is the worst and cursed kundali.

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    God who has created us has some purpose in giving life to us. We are only screw drivers in his hands. We do not have any say in how our life should be. Just live the life as He wants it to be. Do not worry about it. Things will turn out for the better when He decides to do so.

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