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Bad year, when will it end?

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      Ankita Sharma

      Birth date: 03/06/1992
      Birth time: 08:03 am
      Birth location: 26.7509° N, 94.2037° E

      I’ve had a really good last year in terms of career and personal life. But this year has been really bad right from the beginning. Nothing is getting fulfilled and I’m struggling in every side of my life. Compared to the last few years, this year has turned out to be especially unfulfilling. I wanted to know will this bad time ever end and if I’ll have peace and a good time again.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Please provide your Place of Birth.


      Navneet Khanna

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        Ankita Sharma

        Place of birth is Jorhat, Assam.

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      Ankita Sharma

      Please reply, I’d be very grateful!

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        currently you are in mercury period till oct 2020.

        rahu dasa running and rahu in house 6.being in ketu star, jupiter sub and saturn sub sub there can be some changes in job profile or management.. over coming months.

        but in end specially when jupiter enters 6th house you can expect some positive results..not though completely as per your expecations

        once ketu seperates from saturn….. and jupiter enters dhnaus.. and saturn becomes direct in few ays

        some new postive direction will emerge specaially on career front.

        jupiter and saturn dasa starting from 2020 will be better.


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      Have a look at your planetary strengths and nature given below

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Benefic 47.35
      Moon Malefic 44.28
      Mars Benefic 28.89
      Mercury Malefic 10.39
      Jupiter Benefic 86.00
      Venus Malefic 29.60
      Saturn Benefic 8.50
      Rahu Benefic 86.00
      Kethu Malefic 83.94

      Net Benefic 51.99

      Vimsottari Dasa:

      Sat MD: 2015-02-05 – 2034-02-05

      Antardasas in this MD:

      Sat: 2015-02-05 – 2018-02-08
      Merc: 2018-02-08 – 2020-10-21
      Ket: 2020-10-21 – 2021-11-29
      Ven: 2021-11-29 – 2025-01-27
      Sun: 2025-01-27 – 2026-01-09
      Moon: 2026-01-09 – 2027-08-12
      Mars: 2027-08-12 – 2028-09-21
      Rah: 2028-09-21 – 2031-07-27
      Jup: 2031-07-27 – 2034-02-05

      You can associate the strength and nature of the planets to your Mahadasa and antardasas.

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