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    16th October 1988
    Johor Baharu Malaysia.

    Kindly let me know the exact start and end period of my mercury bhukti…and if possible what can i expect during this period. Tq

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V Subbarao

    Dear Friend
    I have already given my reading in respect of marriage. It would be in this year.
    You are running Venus dasa Mercury bhukti from 28-05-2018 to 27-03-2021. Now Mercury antara is upto 21-10-2018.
    Mercury is in the star of Moon in 5th (house of love) and sub of Ketu in Venus (lord of 11th) in 2nd (addition to family). Venus is in the star of Venus and sub of Rahu and Rahu in its own star in 7th (legal bondage) house.
    Hence in this period you will have marriage definitely.
    Good Luck
    If possible give feedback to to correct myself.

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    Thank you for reply my question in astrologymag.

    As I mentioned my d.ob is 16th October 1988 time is 2.29AM born in Johor Baharu Malaysia. Latitude : 1.28N, Longitude: 103.45E

    My mercury is in 3rd house, rahu is in 8th house am cancer lagna. I check several softwares, it showed am running Venus Dasha Saturn bhukti till july and saturn is my avayogi planet which caused and still causing alots of problems for me. What I am confused is that the almost precise date where my mercury bhukti will begin in july because different softwares gives different results and I am confused. Could you please re check.

    Thank you.

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    Vimsottari Dasa:

    Ven MD: 2002-07-03 – 2022-07-03

    Antardasas in this MD:

    Ven: 2002-07-03 – 2005-11-03
    Sun: 2005-11-03 – 2006-11-04
    Moon: 2006-11-04 – 2008-07-03
    Mars: 2008-07-03 – 2009-09-04
    Rah: 2009-09-04 – 2012-09-03
    Jup: 2012-09-03 – 2015-05-02
    Sat: 2015-05-02 – 2018-07-03

      Merc: 2018-07-03 – 2021-05-01

    Ket: 2021-05-01 – 2022-07-03

    You were absolutely right that your Mercury antardasa is from July 2018 to May 2021 as given above underlined.

    Read my blog to get a better insight into astrological evaluations.

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