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    Good morning! I have a couple questions about my birth chart because I’m not sure how to interpret it as a whole. Like which parts have the most influence in my life. My biggest questions at the moment have to do with my love life.

    Here’s my information:
    Name: Sabrina Bruce
    DOB: 5/5/1996
    Time: 8:39am
    Location: Sacramento, California USA

    1. Around when will I meet my life partner and when will we get married?
    2. What might he be like?
    3. Is there anything noteworthy in my chart that’s good?
    4. Is there anything in my chart that I should to be aware of to avoid mistakes?
    5. Will things become more stable and peaceful in my life in the next few years?

    Any feedback you might have would be appreciated. 🙂 Light to you and yours.

    – Sabrina

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