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cancellation of bhakut and nadi


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      Dear Navneet sir,
      Can u please tell me that did bhakut and nadi dosha are cancelled in this match making as i really want to convense my parents for this marriage.

      Boy: Date of birth: 6/11/1992 , Birth time 23:14, Gwalior (M.P)

      Girl: Date of birth: 23/12/1991, Birth time 17:12, Gwalior (M.P)

      Boy moon sign is pisces,rashi lord is jupiter and girl moon sign rashi is cancer,rashi lord is moon.

      I am not as self sufficient to afford the cost of package but i am ready to buy it at my affording price of rs.1000 to ensure my parents to think about this match. Please sir help me over the query. I really find your words helpful for me and others as well.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Dear Vinisha,

      Call me on my mobile number 9417884861 and we can discuss how to go about it.


      Navneet Khanna

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