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      Manvitha Reddy

      Gopu Manvitha Reddy
      time: 3:50 am
      Place: Warangal, India

      When will I get married and would it be love or an arranged marriage. Will there be any complications in my marriage.
      A numerologist told me that I will marry 2 times one at 24 and then get divorce and remarry at 29. Is it true?

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      Cannot comment on numerology but will study your chart..Jupiter a dual planet is weak along with moon the 5th lord of romance and love.
      Mercury another dual planet is house 2 of marriage .
      When ever dual planet dominates mind or thoughts are confusing and your state of dilemma .
      That’s reason astrologically there are indications.
      Mercury is also retrograde which can give rise to communication issues.
      Rahu again in marriage house produes sort of duality of mind with respect to relationhips or freindsips in general.
      But Saturn aspects this whole combination bringing stability even though you will be in dilemma.
      Analyzing from Krishnamoorthy system
      7th cusp star lord is sun who is well placed by raasi but conjunct 3 /8th lord venus.
      So your very selective in making friends.
      As venus the main planet for marriage is in own star but saturn sub- there can be stability in your marriage provided you yourself take good decision.
      Further rahu too is sun star and saturn sub.
      Degree wise ketu and saturn are far away.
      Saturn actually brings stability in your marriage.
      What is actually in your mind – your willingness is rules by moon and rahu. Which clearly indicates that your very much dual minded.
      But your lagan star lord is saturn and it usually is planet of tradition and does not like to take risky decisions.

      So its suggested that you do get carried away . and think logically and practically.
      There will be difficulties in love marriage and hence take wise decision.
      Your main planet Jupiter is well placed by house . its in labha house .. by weak raasi.

      As saturn provides stability. Its gives stable marriage. But its advisable to match horoscopes , advise of parents and no self decisions.

      But your marriage will be with dignified person and happy marriage.


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