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      Will I have a good career that can provide me with a lot of income, position of authority, status and recognition in society?
      Should I do a job or business which is more suitable for me?
      Which planet related career I might be having?

      Sir, My Qualifications Are-
      Class 10th (2011) Science Stream
      Class 12th (2013) Commerce Stream Without Maths
      B.Com (2013-2016)
      1 Year Gap After B.Com
      MBA (2017-2019) Major Specialization-Finance, Minor Specialization-Marketing.

      I completed my MBA in June 2019. I don’t have any work experience.

      Date of birth- Septemeber 18 1995
      Time of birth- 1:10 am
      Place of birth- Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh,India.

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      Business is not suitable to you since when you invest ₹100, your returns will only be worth around ₹90. And the same situation will be there even if you get a job. It is likely that you will get a job around end of 2020.

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      TMR Sir I want to settle in a foreign country.
      Please tell me when will I be able to go on a foreign trip and attain foreign settlement?

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      Astrology does not endorse the word “foreign” since countries are man made and divided for administrative convenience. Yes you could have long distance travels in life. Settling down in a foreign country only means that you have shifted your residence to a distant place. The whole world is considered as one unit by Astrology. Going abroad will not bring you anything better.

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      TMR Sir I am quite interested and attracted towards places like english speaking developed places western culture and western people like-USA,Canada,Australia and European Places.
      I don’t like my birth place.

      Sir what would you recommend me should I stay in my birth place or should I move out of my birth place to a distant place?

      Sir your guidance is most valued. Please Do let me know.
      I would be very grateful if you can let me know.
      Please guide me Thanks

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