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      Brief about myself: Sir, I am 2019 graduate (CSE Engineer), tried my luck in MBA exams for 2 years but D-Day had its plan. Didn’t get any job placement hence sitting hopeless,jobless in my home.
      Specifics about my birth:
      Name: Shreyansh Agrawal (10th board certified)
      DOB: 02nd November 1996
      Location of birth: Meerut, UP
      Time of birth: 00:15hrs i.e 2nd early morning.
      I never had any experience of interacting with any astrologer,these issues i can think of.
      About my career progression.
      How do you see it?? I have been pretty jobless for at-least a year and almost all my friends are earning good salaried jobs, which is quite embarrassing and frustrating as i don’t know where i went wrong.

      Do i have any financial stability and social respect?

      And chances any foreign visits (outside India, long distance travel) do you see in my horoscope maybe working or tourism related in future?

      I know i am going through Shani mahadasa until next year. Maybe things will be right post that. But the journey to that day is very difficult.

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      I am afraid you will have to wait till Jan 2021 to get a paid job. Have a look at the planetary dispositions.

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Malefic 45.59
      Moon Benefic 57.50
      Mars Malefic 2.76
      Mercury Malefic 28.47
      Jupiter Malefic 52.21
      Venus Malefic 14.32
      Saturn Benefic 2.43
      Rahu Malefic 16.37
      Kethu Malefic 20.73

      Net Malefic 29.28

      If you can set up something on your own, that will be better than a paid job.

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