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      Sir I worked for 1 rs. But I got. 10rs. How this possible. But u said. 100:60 ratio. This is not truee sir,. And u said that. When I live far away from my home native place. About 2500kms. Then only u will get. Sucess u said ,. But I’m selling products in online I’m getting huge profits from home native place it’s. Self. What iam trying to say is. Relocating does not give sucess. If u have talent and skills 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I’m makking money online. Don’t. Fool the people sir my humble request

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      If you never had problems why did you raise such a question on this site. You wanted to test our knowledge? Your birth details could be wrong, that is why you have different experiences in life. Be careful about your own evaluations.

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