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      Shree Ranjani

      Hi, I’m Shree Ranjani born on 29th oct 1989 at 7.10am in Chennai. I lost my job all of a sudden and currently looking out for jobs but not getting even a single phone call for interview. Please let me know when I will be employed again.

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      Astrology cannot be used to make such predictions since it is beyond the scope of the subject. Sun, Moon and Mars are highly malefic in your charts and now you are running their antardasas. May be end 2021, you will get a good job. You have a fairly strong career house.

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      Umesh Tiwari

      Hello,myself umesh Tiwari
      Dob – 26/03/1996
      Time – 11:15 am
      Place – beohari ( Madhya Pradesh)
      I am preparing for state Civil service exams so I wanted to know the success rate and also the specific year….

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      You may work with or for the govt. not as a direct employee, but in some other way connected with. Your career house and gains house is more indicative of doing a business with good profit from the business. When you invest ₹100, you will get an annual return of ₹123 worth. You will know for sure by 2026.

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      Srinivas konda

      I was born on 22 aug 1973 10.20 am korutla telangana.

      I am looking for a job as i lost my job recently.

      Can i do business or look for a job only?

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      You will be successful in doing business, but life will be full of turmoil since your 4th and 5th houses are very weak.

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      Yash kumar

      DOB : 21/02/1998
      TIME : 10:59 AM

      I want to know that in my coming venus/Saturn antardasha
      Will I get high paying job. I am working in software industry. I want to save money for 5-6 years and move to sprituality. Will I be able to do that in coming 6 years ??

      Will my career for coming 5-6 years will good or not ??

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      Please come through Paid consultation since a thorough evaluation of your horoscope is needed to answer your many questions.

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