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      Dalal Sogratti

      Name : Dalal Sogratti
      Place of birth : Rabat , Morocco
      Time : 11:45 pm
      Date of birth : 12/09/1996
      Can you please tell me if there is fame and success in my future .
      as i want to join the entertainment industry soon .
      thank u

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      Namaste Dalal,
      I see you working in a field where you will be required to use your communication a lot. Entertainment field is ruled by Venus and there is no strong Venus connection with your 10th lord or Amatyakaraka therefore it is very unlikely that you can make it big there. Alternatively you can also do a Government Job or some sort of Administrative Job.

      The next 16 years will be very prosperous for you

      God Bless

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      Maria Anwar

      When will get good job when will be my finance good

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        Navneet Khanna

        Please post your question in a New forum Post, so that your answers are yours exclusively.


        Navneet Khanna

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