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Career, business n marriage

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      Vilis Balia

      Name – Vilis Balia
      DOB. – 30/11/1990
      Time – 10.50 Am
      Place – Pali-Marwar (rajasthan)
      Sir I m trying to clear CA exam from past 2012 but however I clear my inter exam in 2019. It took too long for me to clear inter level exam. So instead of studying for CA Final exam I thought to quit it and start my own business in December 2020 but due to unexpected situations my business not yet got started and please tell me which business can be suitable to me for success and growth.
      I also left job for business but right now neither I have business nor job.
      I consulted some astrologers they are telling me to wear gem stone like red coral etc
      But one astrologers guidance is not matching with other astrologers guidance. One astrologer is saying wear red coral n other is saying wear white coral.
      One astrologer is saying don’t wear panna and other astrologer is saying wear Panna.
      I m totally in dilemma.

      So please guide me which gem stone is best for me and when ill get success in life ?

      I should go for Business or job or CA ? Please tell me ?

      If you say business then which business canbe suitable to me to start and have growth n success in that business.

      Sir my age is 30 I’m also facing marriage problem ? Still I’m unmarried? Till when ill get married sir?

      Please provide me right guidance

      Thank you

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      Navneet Khanna

      Looking at your birth chart your lagan is Makakr and rashi is Mesha. Your lagan swami is Shani. Chanderma mahadasha is going on and Shani antara till July 2021. Thereafter you will enter the sub-period of Mercury. As per the period ahead you should focus on a job. You should try to do some further course to strength your prospects on the career front.


      Navneet Khanna

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