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Career Confusion

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    Hello Sir,

    I wanted to seek your guidance on considering Psychology as a prospective career option, considering the fact that I am in class 12 and on the progressing on the path to become an Engineer, but Math is not a subject I am really keen on studying.
    I have a knack for helping people in distress, considering the emotional turmoil I myself undergo whilst struggling with an unstable and abusive household and clinging on to the edge of failure in the 12th Board Exam , currently progressing.
    Would you suggest pursuing Psychology as beneficial and fruitful career?
    I am dire need of help Sir. Kindly consider my request and guide me.

    D.O.B: 31/08/2001
    T.O.B: 2PM (approx)
    P.O.B: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    You are only 18yrs old.
    Continue your studies seriously.
    Psychology is a difficult subject and
    not so remunerative.
    You can better choose any engineering
    If you are a high merit student,
    you can choose Medicine.

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    Thanks a lot Sir!
    As I mentioned above, I am mentally very disturbed therefore haven’t been performing very well in the board exams and I think I might even fail Math. Will this situation get any better, will I be able to see significant improvement in the coming days regarding my emotional turmoil and improvement in studies?
    I am considering redoing my 12th as private candidate if I fail a subject, which means dropping a year. I would appreciate an insight into my miserable state any any remedies associated with it.

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    sir kindly reply.
    I’m in dire nedd of guidance

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    If the time of birth is almost accurate within 5 min plus or minus, you have a wonderful horoscope. The strengths of planets and their nature are given below.

    Planet Nature Net Strength

    Sun Benefic 72.57
    Moon Benefic 40.40
    Mars Benefic 70.93
    Mercury Benefic 72.85
    Jupiter Benefic 45.02
    Venus Malefic 77.69
    Saturn Malefic 13.10
    Rahu Benefic 73.70
    Kethu Benefic 76.97

    Net Benefic 65.24

    Your 7 planets are strong Benefics and you will shine well in any mathematical science. I do not think you will succeed in Psychology since Saturn is a Malefic together with Venus though is a strong Malefic.

    The net strength of your horoscope is a First Class one with 76% success factor in life.

    You are now running Rahu Mahadasa which is very good.

    You have a very strong Bhadra Yoga which will take you to great heights in life.

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    Thanks a lot Sir

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