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      Aditi Mittal


      My DOB is 14 Dec 1987, TOB – 15:45 , Place – Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

      I have started my own business of research and consulting but it is very unpredictable. The work is not consistent and finances are also unpredictable. I want to know when will the situation become better and if I should try for a job instead. I also feel lazy and confused most of the time.

      I know my Rahu dasha is running until 2023, will the situation get any better after this.

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      Your business of research and consulting will be an utter failure as per your horoscope since when you put in ₹100 units of effort, you will get a return of only worth ₹83. It will be better to get a time bound job in your field of expertise when you will not lose your hard earned investment. Do read my blog to understand the algorithm used in evaluating a horoscope scientifically.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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