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      Glenn Waidande

      Dear Sir / Madam,

      Full Name : Glenn Waidande
      D.O.B : 12th Sept 1990
      Time : around 15.20 hrs
      Place Mumbai – India

      Have a query on below

      Financially i am ok but i don’t have good savings , i get paid less compared to my level happens quiet often.

      I am really working Hard to Own a House in Mumbai.

      Career wise i wanted to become General Manager / VP or Similar post working hard towards it but not able to get anything still i am stuck as Manager even having all the required skills

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      You have already been replied to once earlier to the same question. By asking questions repeatedly, your fortune is not going to change.

      6 planets in your horoscope are weak and the strength of your Gains house is much lower than your Career house. Good management skills are lacking and you cannot lead a team of professionals. Suggest be satisfied with what you are now getting. For full details of the strength and nature of planets and the strength of the 12 individual houses and your Mahadasas and antardasas if interested, you can come through paid consultation after reading through Navagraha Astrology Online

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