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Career guidence

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      My daughter is in 9th St. Icse well she will be in her studies.I want to know which field she need to choose after is her life path..
      Name: tannisshtha sawant
      Date of birth: 22dec 2005
      Time: 9.13 morning
      Place borivali east

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      I am very sorry to say that all the nine planets in her horoscope are weak malefics. You cannot expect a good performance from her neither in studies nor in career. All the planets in her horoscope are sandwiched between Rahu and Kethu.

      I can give you a full scientific evaluation of her horoscope should you be interested. Please read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online and come through Paid consultation.

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      Sharma harsh


      My DOB is 18-4-1986, 5:10am, HYDERABAD,India

      I have humble request from bottom of my heart please help me with guidance

      I finished my education till PhD last year didn’t get any relevant job, taking home tutions to survive

      Please guide me because I am totally lost as don’t know what to do next

      My relavent subject is not giving any opportunities and what should I do to survive

      Have t kids to look after

      Financially how should I get settled
      And also having piles and back pain health problems

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      You are now running Venus Mahadasa which has 46.74% strength w.e.f mid June 2019. Have a look at the strength of other planets too to understand the strength of Antardasas.

      Planet Nature Net Strength

      Sun Benefic 8.52
      Moon Benefic 44.32
      Mars Benefic 87.41
      Mercury Malefic 21.01
      Jupiter Malefic 93.44
      Venus Benefic 46.74
      Saturn Benefic 96.30
      Rahu Benefic 36.07
      Kethu Benefic 22.12

      Net Benefic 55.41

      Jupiter, the lord of 10th house is a strong Malefic and you will have to work hard to get appropriate returns. In fact when you work for 100 units, your returns will only be worth 80 units. You will soon get a suitable job with the start of Moon Pratyantardasa starting January 2020.

      There are chances that you will soon go to some distant place for getting a job appropriate to your qualifications since Venus, Sun and Moon are in cardinal signs.

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      Sharma harsh

      Sir what should I do further please suggest some remedies and also gemstone if possible

      Worried about kids education and expenses how will I manage

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      Sharma harsh

      Namashkaaram sir

      U said I will get job in January with moon pratyantar Rasha starting in January 2020, but mercury pratyantar will start in January

      Please help me with the correction

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      Vimsottari Dasa:

      Ven MD: 2019-06-13 – 2039-06-14
      Ven AD: 2019-06-13 – 2022-10-16

      Pratyantardasas in this AD:

      Ven: 2019-06-13 – 2020-01-03
      Sun: 2020-01-03 – 2020-03-02
      Moon: 2020-03-02 – 2020-06-13
      Mars: 2020-06-13 – 2020-08-25
      Rah: 2020-08-25 – 2021-02-21
      Jup: 2021-02-21 – 2021-08-04
      Sat: 2021-08-04 – 2022-02-11
      Merc: 2022-02-11 – 2022-08-05
      Ket: 2022-08-05 – 2022-10-16

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