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    Hello Navneet ji my DOB is 15/02/1985, time 3 Am , Place – Chandigarh. Sir please suggest some Business options J can start looking my planetary conditions. Right now i am doing a job with not much success. Ravi Jain

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    Also in my chart I was told by some one that Lord of 2nd and 11th are sitting together which can be a yoga to win a lottery, I couldnt believe.Is there anything like that.

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    Navneet Khanna

    As per your horoscope there is strong chances that you will do business eventually. However the period for investing is not good now. As you are in the period of Shani sade satti I feel you should wait couple of years more before you jump into something like this. As per your horoscope there is Kaalsarp dosha also in your horoscope. Remedies of which are strongly recommended.

    Also the person who suggested that 2nd and 11th lord that is Jupiter and mercury are conjoined forming the Dhana Yoga, probably missed out that Jupiter is debilitated. Therefore not necessary brining you gains through lottery and speculation.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Ravi Jain

    Thanks Navneet ji for your insight into my horoscope.I got Kalsarp dosh puja done 5 years back.
    I was also told to wear Yellow Sapphire as a remedy for Jupiter.But didnot wear it till date.
    Should I wear the yellow Sapphire as you mentioned that my jupiter is debiliated.


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