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      Sir i noticed in my chart that Rahu is sitting in 10th house in a friendly sign Virgo and 10th lord Mercury sitting in own sign Gemini 7th house with 9th lord Sun.
      And ascendant Jupiter is also sitting in own sign Sagittarius in ascendant itself.
      Therefore I wish to know why am i not liking my work culture in IT Field. I feel to work where i can use interpersonal skills and build peoples Network (in which i am very good, i feel i am a born leader), rather than to work on tools on a Computer.
      Kindly suggest me what my astrological chart says regarding my career.

      6th July 1996
      Gwalior MP

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      To start with your Rahu is in the 11th house and not in the 10th house. Obviously you are an amateur astrologer and you need to study more on the subject to come to any meaningful conclusion.Sun, Jupiter, Venus Rahu and Kethu are having near zero strength and they will do you no good in life. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are highly malefic too in the horoscope. You have an inflated opinion about yourselves as a Leader of men which is just a fallacy. When you work for ₹100, your return will be worth ₹88 only. Read my blog to get a good insight into astrology and its scope in life. The only remedy to improve matters is to relocate to another place far away from your birth place where the transit horoscope is better than your natal horoscope.

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