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Career marriage shani dasha

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    Hi, I am undergoing shani maha dasha and rahu antardasa, i have continuous struggles in my career and also my marriage has no occurred. How long will this career struggle continue and when will get married

    DOB: 10/06/1986
    Time: 00:10(12:10 AM)
    Place: Kasaragod

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    Though Saturn is very powerful in your horoscope, Rahu and Jupiter are very weak and till Nov 2022, you will be having tough times. Mercury though is very strong is a strong malefic too. Read my blog to understand Benefic, Weak Malefic and strong malefic etc. So Mercury Mahadasa though is powerful, you will have to work very hard to enjoy the benefits of its strength.

    Why you are not married is primarily to your being a victim of wayside astrologers. Yours is a Sudhajathakam and only it will match with another Sudhajathakam as per the prevalent beliefs. While this is not actually true, you are bound by what the local astrologers say.

    I have given a scientific horoscope matching details in my blog. Read it if you so desire.

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    Thankyou TMR ji,

    Is mercury malefic because it is aspected by bad planets?

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    Mercury has a tendency to do good by about 42% while it has a tendency to do Bad by about 52% and 6% lifeless status. The algorithm to calculate those are given in a book “Graha and Bhava Balas” written by Dr.B.V.Raman. Broadly speaking, aspect from bad planet, conjunction with bad planets and sandwiched by bad planets etc. and being Lords of bad houses are reasons for being a malefic.

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