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Career related Query

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      Pallav Soni

      Hello Sir,
      I am working in an MNC since last almost 3 years. I am very interested in getting a job in abroad, also I am trying for the same, but as of now, I am not getting calls.

      Request you to please check and confirm, is there any scope of the same.
      Also, please tell regarding my future ?

      Name : Pallav Soni
      DOB : 3rd Aug 1993
      Birth Time : 18:30
      Birth Place : Ballia, U.P

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      Wherever you work, when you work for ₹100, your returns will be only worth ₹78 and this ratio will not change even if you go abroad.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Your planets are not that strong.
      Follow this method for one year,to reduce bad
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      1.Follow veganism method for one month.
      Veganism means avoiding animal based foods–
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      2.Have two pet animals in your house.
      They will share your ill luck.
      If it is not possible,feeds birds and animals..
      If pet animals cant be kept,go to a place where
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      with affection two minutes each animal.
      Massage daily 4 animals.
      3.Daily do subath for 15minutes with minimum clothing.
      Wear no shirt or bannian..Wear only cut drawer..
      Lack of sleep is due to spirits problem.Sunbath helps.
      4.Daily have 3 head baths with cold water..It will remove
      all sins.
      5.Eat only uncooked vegetables on alternate days..
      This is divine diet..If you do this for 2 months,your past sins
      will come down.
      6.Dont do sex for 2months..Your semen is your God.
      Angels like the smell of a celibate person,who did not
      release semen for 3 or more months.
      Devils like the smell of semen thrown out during sex.
      If you do sex in less than one month,you are pleasing
      demons.Devils encourage persons to do sex,by influencing
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      Please read the article in google by typing–kumrao99 penance method.

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