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Career stress

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    Hi Deepakji,
    My date of birth is 4th Nov 1981, 1425, Ipoh, Malaysia. You have replied to before. Do you think I should study again so I can get the right job, despite having a masters degree in information systems currently? Or should I just continue doing what I’m doing(looking for a job). I’m just a bit confused as to what kind of positions should I apply for. Please help. Thanks

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    Your career will take off towards the end of this year, most probably in November 2017 and till then you should go on looking for a suitable job in any field of profession since Information systems has a place in every walk of life. Though you are very intelligent the career prospects will only be just average since the overall strength of your horoscope is only mediocre and the public view of yours is lower than your actual personality. Are you an introvert by nature? I am giving below the strength of your planets and their nature.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net Strength

    Sun 6.73 11.10 65.18 23.72 Malefic 5.14
    Moon 57.65 40.72 59.28 0.00 Malefic 57.65
    Mars 39.22 20.87 51.51 27.62 Malefic 28.39
    Mercury 88.75 67.53 16.17 16.30 Benefic 74.28
    Jupiter 84.33 23.20 66.30 10.50 Malefic 75.47
    Venus 94.70 48.80 46.83 4.37 Benefic 90.56
    Saturn 29.17 39.17 30.52 30.31 Benefic 20.33
    Rahu 76.55 40.72 59.28 0.00 Malefic 76.55
    Kethu 99.09 39.17 30.52 30.31 Benefic 69.05

    Net 67.10 36.81 47.29 15.90 Malefic 56.43

    Wishing you all the best.

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    Hi Nithi,

    IT is exactly the right field for you as 10th lord Mars is 3rd lord (house of IT) as well. You will do much better in consulting or doing part time projects where you are the boss as 10th lord Mars is placed in 7th house of own business and 7th lord Sun is in 9th house.

    You are under Jupiter Mahadasha since 25/1/2017 until 2033 and things show a bright trend upwards from Oct 2017 as Jupiter will move to your 9th house of Luck (most important planet for you) and Saturn will move to 11th house of gains (right now alot of Mayhem till these two planets change). Jupiter is placed in nakshatra of 10th lord Mars with Mercury as sublord.

    My advice will be to patiently continue your efforts till end of year and as I said before + also Mr TMR mentioned, we see you getting a good job. Plan how to pace your professional development over next few yeyars to do your own business one day (if PhD/other education is needed, you should think about studies when Jup-Sat period comes from 15/3/2019 to 25/9/2021. Saturn despite being lagna lord is not good for career and best way to pass a bad period is to go for studies to minimize ill effects.

    God Bless you with success!
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I’m kind of an introvert. I forgot to add that I am in a foreign country right now. Will that make any difference? So do you mean I’m better off doing my own business later on?

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    I did see foreign travel from your horoscope and yes as I mentioned above, business will suit you much better.

    Over analysis leads to paralysis, so amp-up your efforts and over time dots will connect for you!

    God bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Satyam Pandey

    Hi my name is Satyam Pandey , my date of birth is 23 december 1996 (7:10 AM) ,Mirzapur ,Uttar pradesh (India)
    I am doing bba ,should i pursue MBA or get a job or help my father in business because we are under lot of financial pressure my father owes lot of money and has made some bad business decision , what would be good for me MBA, private job or father’s business should i even consider preparation for govt jobs.

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    You have a powerful horoscope to get excellent education and you should try MBA from any one of the IIMs and not from third rate universities. You can even get one from Harvard if you try.

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    I don’t see this horoscope to be powerful from education point of view especially cracking tough educational exams (given your age you should take appropriate business education if available). You are pragmatic/street smart and best combination in your chart is Jupiter-Mercury close conjunction in ascendant which is powerful yoga for business and gain from father. Also Venus is placed in 11th house of gains in Chalit which is great as well.

    You are under Rahu period from 2008 till 2026. Rahu is in nakshatra of moon and has moon as sublord which is not good for career overall. Rahu-Mercury period is operating from 2/8/2016 to 19/2/2019 and this is excellent time as Mercury is placed in nakshatra of Venus with Mercury as sublord. Also Ket/Ven time in Rahu is good till 2023!

    Your combination for business are very strong and you will do well in that. Advice you to join your father’s business (there are times when you both differ in your thoughts) but that would help you to learn foundations. Saturn is placed in 3rd house in Chalit and enterprising nature will help but be ready to slog as well

    Jupiter period from 2026 for 16 years will be strong for business and overall growth. Chanting Rahu &/or mercury beej mantra will help in mental peace (google them out).

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Satyam Pandey

    Thank you for your advice,I am in my final year it helped alot .
    One last question what about trying to pursue career in MNC in any field whether its sales or management job?
    Thank you very much for your guidance ,it helped me alot in narrowing down next steps for my career.

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash

    You are a Saggitarius ascendant and Taurus moon-sign.

    In your Chalit chart Saturn in placed in the 3rd house which is the singel planetary placement that makes a person do business.In your Dasamsa chart your Atmakarak Jupiter is placed in the 7th house of business and your Amatyakaraka is placed in the 6th house in the sign of Leo which is ruled my Sun(represents father).So I’m pretty sure that you will end up doing your father’s business.Currently you are under Rah-Mer period which is great for business so I would advise against applying in any MNC and continue your father’s business.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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    Satyam Pandey

    Can i ask another question please we are facing lot of financial problem currently people are threatning us lots of loan have been piled up , will we survive this my father has just put a land in market for sale how much time before someone will buy it,and we need money urgently tommorow would we be able to procure it ,My father name is Prabha Kant Pandey born on 5 march 1974 mirzapur Uttar Pradesh ,there is atleast 20 lakh bad debt in market will we ever get that money back .

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    Antoinette Fugere

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