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Chart reading and Compatibility analysis.

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    Hello Seniors and experts,
    Respect for your good work in providing inputs and details related to charts and resolving other queries thorough your knowledge. I would like to know more about the compatibility for the below charts ( i am providing the birth details) –

    Boy –
    DOB – 20/11/1976
    Time – 16:00 ( 4PM)
    Place – Almora, Uttrakhand

    Girl –
    DOB – 28/08/1984
    Time – 21:45 (09:45 PM)
    Place – Chamoli, Uttrakhand

    Kindly check and suggest f you see everything alright or any problems.
    Really appreciate your help !!


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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    I am reading the horoscope of boy.
    Good points..His lagna is Mesha.
    1.Parivartan yoga between second house and
    ninth house..Very good.
    2.Guru in second house is good for stable marriage and
    happy family.
    Bad points.
    1.Seventh house contains Moon and rahu.Seventh
    house stands for marriage.Rahu in seventh house
    indicates obstacles in marriage.
    2.Kuja and ravi in 8th house is bad for marriage.
    The net result is that the boy’s stars indicate
    some problems in getting him married.
    So,you have to take maximum care in selecting bride.
    The boy has to do penance for 6months to reduce the
    evil of his horoscope.

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      Dear Rao Sir,
      Thanks for your analysis. In this case, the people involved are already married and having some issues..could you please suggest some remedy or anything that might help.


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