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Child birth

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    Hello sir. My dob is 26/5/87 time 11:23pm place Nagaur (rajasthan) wife dob 23/9/88 time 11:40am place Asind (rajasthan). Sir when will be blessed with baby. Its been more than 5 yrs of marriage

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    She will be blessed by a baby towards the middle of 2020 during the antardasa of Venus in the Jupiter Mahadasa. She has a powerful 5th house indicative of happiness from children. And so are you too. Are you now resident in Rajasthan or anywhere else far away from the birthplace?

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    Thank you for your kind reply sir. So it means she will conceive in this year right sir ? We both are staying away from rajasthan from years actually and now we have moved to foreign country oflate.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    I think there may be some health problem in your wife,as there was
    already long gap after marriage(5years).

    Both of you,may follow this method for 4or 5 months,
    to get a child.
    The following method has to be followed to get pregnancy.The same method has to be continued even after pregnancy,to get a great child.
    1.Avoid cooked food in the nights for 2 or 3 months.You can eat uncooked vegetables as many as you want.You cant eat sweet vegetables or fruits.Fruits are generally sweet and not effective in this method.You can eat cucumber,raddish,carrot,amla,capsicum,green apples or yellow apples.Red apples are sweet.
    1A. If the above method cant be followed,the person can observe fast for one day in a week.On the day of fasting,the person can eat unlimited quantity of uncooked vegetables.
    2.Veganism–Veganism means avoiding animal products.Avoid milk products,sweets,sweet fruits,dry fruits,nonveg,fish,eggsfor 2 or 3 months.You can eat rice and wheat items of foods and tiffins.
    When you stop milk products,you have to drink(daily morning) unfiltered juice of 30 coriander leaves,15 mint leaves,15 tulsi leaves,10gms of ginger and 15gms of bittergourd.This juice will give natural vitamins and minerals that are presentin milk and other fruits.Cows and buffalloes give milk by eating leaves and grass.Pregnant ladies get constipation.This leaf juice cures that problem also.Such a type of diet will give natural delivery.
    3.Pregnant lady should take one head bath with cold water daily before or after sunrise.In addition to that morning bath,she has to take one more bathwith cold water.The second bath(not head bath) can be before lunch.The body of pregnant lady will be hot.Cold water baths will reduce the heat
    and baby feels happy.
    .4.Avoiding animal products is called Veganism.In this type of penance,you have to avoid milk products, and nonveg for 4months.You can eat routine meals and tiffins.In addition to those things,you have toeat everyday 150 gms of uncooked vegetables.
    Read the book -Heal yourself 101-Markus Rothkranz.Get the book from Flipkart.
    3.In summer,you have to take daily 3 cold water baths.Water contains divinity

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    Now that you are in a foreign country, my evaluation need not come true because planets have different influences based on the latitude and longitude of the place where you are currently resident. Should you be interested, please give the place of your current residence and I will check the planetary influences at your place of residence. You will have to come through Paid Consultation. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online article “Transitory influence of Planets”

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    Thank you both of you for the replies sir. Sir she eats her dinner before sunset only usually. Should she avoid cooked food in her early dinner also. And she has just little milk in her tea. She need to stop it completely? What about ghee.

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    All our reports are normal. Should we go for some medical treatment

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Apparently,there may be no problems detected by medical science.
    There will be unknown problems ,which are not known to
    physical examination.
    Her lagna is Scorpio(Vrischika).
    Fifth house contains Kuja.Fifth house stands for
    It indicates some negativity in her uterus region.

    Both of you,should avoid milk products and animal products.
    See what veganism means.
    Both of you ,should avoid sweets,sweet fruits,nonveg,fish,eggs,
    dry fruits also for 4 or 5months.
    Both of you should eat only uncooked vegetables in the evenings.
    See article in google–kumrao99 penance method.

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    Thank you sir. Will try to follow this.

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