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Child birth

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      Name: Jwalant parekh(male)
      DOB: 26 jan 1982
      Time : 00:15 AM (12 o clock of midnight) and 15 mins
      Place: Bhavangar – Gujarat

      name: Rupal Parekh (female)
      DOB: 5 may 1985
      Time: 8:40 AM
      Place: jamanagar – Gujarat

      We are blessed with a baby girl on 23 may 2013. Which is the best time to plan for our 2nd child. when v should try to conceive for getting a baby boy.

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      Dear Parekhs,

      We poor humans are incapable of any such planning of the future since God has already charted it for you and embedded into your DNA. There are so many despite trying are childless and so the question when you should have a boy is highly overbearing and is not within the scope astrological evaluations. Never forget that God is overlooking you and any efforts on your part to meddle in His affairs may not fruition.

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      Ya…thats true….thanks for the reply…. Can i ask u is there any transfer or chances of promotion in near future in my husband astro

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      I can give you a full scientific evaluation of your husband’s horoscope if you come through Premium services . Before doing so read my article ‘Astrology – A new version’ on my blog

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