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Chinese app banned including TIK TOK

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      Respected TMR sir, Navneet Sir and JVS Roa sir,

      I really appreciate and respect the free service & help that to extend to the public in this forum…You all have a vast knowledge of Jyotish and when someone posts inappropriate post it hurts a lot. First people come for asking help and then they are rude…Thats not right at all..

      June 25, 2020 at 7:05 am#107317
      And. I have 400k followers in tiktok. Once search my name in tiktok. Apart from that. Rahu in 10th house. Mercury Venus Saturn conjunction in 6th. House. Which is aspects by rahu. Means. Manipulation is very important for business. Now say business is not good for me ??

      Just wanted to share my feelings.

      Salute to all of you…

      God bless you all.

      Praying for India & Worlds peace and for everyones good health always.

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      When a person’s horoscope itself is weak and malefic, it is natural that they will be rude and argumentative and misunderstand the doctrines of life. The example quoted is having a very poor horoscope and he will face stonewalls in life forward. We can’t help it.

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