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      Namaste Guruji,

      My daughter born on 24th April 2006 @ 3.37 am. She is become stubborn and doesn’t listen to us also do not concentrate on her studies, according to her she find difficulty to grasp studies and scared. Earlier she use to be good in studies now it seems she lost her interest in studies. Also she started back answering, yelling, anger and disrespecting us and grand parents.
      Please advise what i should do for her so that she will develop interest in studies and respect us.

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      You have nothing to worry about her since she is entering the period of adolescence and it is quite natural that girls have many confusions in their mind about their body and their relationship with others. She will be okay by mid 2020 or around and be her normal self. During this time mother should be her best friend.

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      Thank you guru ji. Will follow as per your guidance.

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