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Daughter married life trouble

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      Dear All,

      My daughter got married on August 27th 2017 sadly from beginning no harmony between husband and wife.

      Currently they are staying abroad so with little hiccups they are managing marriage. Currently daughter is pregnant and expected to deliver baby in November 2019 , son in law fights with her even in this situation and their main conflict comes from in-laws as he listens just his parents and no individual thinking.
      My daughter’s in-laws have querelled with us also many times and we don’t talk now . So basically there is no connection between 2 families but still they torture through son in law.

      His job is also not stable there we are always worried about daughter and now our grandchild future. My daughter is holding up the marriage patiently for the sake of child but she is under lot of mental trauma . We performed all astrological rituals, visiting temples every week and doing pooja every day at home but her life is not improving. Basically her life ruined after the marriage.
      A)Is there any good days for her after child birth ?
      B) Do they settle peacefully abroad with child?
      C) When issues with in-laws go away?
      D) Is this marriage stable ?

      Girl’s birth Details:
      Date of Birth: 28/07/1990 ( july 28 year: 1990)
      Time of birth: 6:05 AM
      Place: Kasaragod

      Boy’s birth Details:
      Date of Birth: 10/05/1988 ( may 10 year: 1988)
      Time of birth: 01:47 PM
      Place: Gokarn

      Best Regards,

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      K.Umamaheswara rao

      Her lagna is Kataka(Cancer).
      Lagna contains-sun,Kethu and Guru.
      Lagna is very strong.
      Kethu in lagna is slightly bad..
      2nd house-Budha-good.
      3rd house-moon-good,
      6th house-sani–good.
      7th house–Rahu–bad for marriage affairs.
      10th house-Kuja is in own house-excellent.
      She can shine well in any job or profession.
      12 th house-Sukra-bad for marriage affairs.
      Guru maha dasa is running from 15-6-2015.
      She is running Guru maha dasa -Sani antar dasa.
      Guru Maha dasa should be good.
      Sukra and rahu are not well placed.
      In Budha Antardasa ,she will have better days.
      It will come in another 2years nearly.
      Her horoscope is not good ,with respect to marriage
      She has to do penance for one or two years to reduce
      cruelty of planets.
      When you are facing problems in life,it means that some planets are
      bad in your horoscope.
      The planets turn bad due to bad karma of previous lives.
      Most peope will have bad periods in their lives,because of
      bad karma at birth.
      Souls will take birth in such families where
      their previous karma matches with the sins of their would be parents.

      YOu have to do penance for 6 to 12 months to reduce cruelty of planets.
      Penance method.—-
      Pranic energy or divine energy or quantum energy is spread throughout the universe.Every individual contains a minute quantity of that pranic energy. Pranic energy is small bundle of divine force inducted into the body in the second month of pregnancy.
      This pranic energy enables you to breathe throughout life and gives energy to heart,liver,lungs and kidneys to function until you die.Death occurs when pranic energy is exhausted. Kundalini is a bundle of nerves at base of spine.Bad karma spoils kundalini.
      Bad placement of planets in horoscope leads to financial and health problems.For health problems,3 or 6 monthspractice is sufficient..For financial or other problems,12 or24 months practice of penance is necessary.YOu have to do penance for 12months,to removethe negativity in horoscope.
      Methods of penance—
      1.Penance means observing fast for one day in a week.
      On the day of fast ,you can eat uncooked vegetables,for
      two months.
      After two months,you have to fast for one day in a week,
      by drinking diluted lemon juice with honey.You can drink
      lemon juice(diluted) with honey ,daily 10 or 12 times.
      Prime minister Modi was doing fast for the last 30 years,
      for two days continuously in every week.
      Likewise,Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness and popularity was
      attributed to his fasting for longer periods of 20days in every
      year,in addition to small fasts very frequently.
      Sri Morarji Desai became prime minister at the age of 84.
      HIs life history shows that he was also fasting frequently,
      for longer periods

      3.Feed birds and animals.
      4.Do daily 10 rolling namaskars on floor.
      It is called Anga pradakshinams.
      Ask any senior priest of temple its meaning.

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      She will feel happy from Feb 2020. Slowly things will be diluted. Again from 02-5-2022 to 08-04-2023 Ketu bhukti operates. Then also she will face the problems to some extent, may be little health problems.
      Your daughter is very intelligent, but she will not listen to any one. She likes to be as her mind says. Her speech is sweet but in time she will flare up.

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      Thanks a lot for the analysis. My daughter husband is searching permanent position in abroad when he will get? When the issue between her and in-laws will resolve?(between both of our families)..

      Girl’s birth Details:
      Date of Birth: 28/07/1990 ( july 28 year: 1990)
      Time of birth: 6:05 AM
      Place: Kasaragod

      Boy’s birth Details:
      Date of Birth: 10/05/1988 ( may 10 year: 1988)
      Time of birth: 01:47 PM
      Place: Gokarn

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      Perhaps you should come for a scientific horoscope matching using Paid consultation after reading through my blog Navagraha Astrology Online which will give you the reasons for the misalignment in between the two families.

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      12 sep ,2001
      Bishnupur,west Bengal,India
      When will I get marry?how will be my married life?

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      It is too early to think about marriage when you are only 18 years old. You get settled in life and come back again for a scientific evaluation of your horoscope when you will be told when you are likely to get married.

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      Bibekananda swain

      Name-Bibekananda swain dob-21-09-1995 time-9.35pm place-cuttack Orissa ,my gf name rupali-21-11-2002 time-2.15am place-cuttack Orissa kya dono ka marriage ho payega or not.mangl dosh ka koi upay bataye.

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      This sort of question to match two horoscopes takes quite some time and you will have to come through Paid consultation after reading through Navagraha Astrology Online

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