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Dear Navneet Sir pls help me

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      Dear Navneet Sir

      i have no mental peace at home. Husband is retired. I have a son and daughter.  there is money crunch im handling the finances and so far able to manage all the expenses but the going is tough. son and daughter not yet settled. i have arthritis problem also. Environment at home is bad. when will things improve ? Will there be happiness in my life? Mentally im suffering bcoz my children are not settled. will my health be ok?

      please help Navneet ji

      dob – 20/11/1962

      place- mumbai

      time -6:44 a.m

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      Obviously at the age of 60, you can hardly do anything to improve the lot of your children. Naturally it is not a ripe age and diseases like arthritis starts settling in.  As per your horoscope, all planets except Venus are malefic. You are going to have Jupiter mahadasa starting in Jan 2022 and some good luck could prevail therefrom.

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