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    Hello TMR sir and K.Umamaheswara rao sir,

    I had posted a query sometime back and the replies have affected me so much that I slipped into depression to the extent that I had to start a therapy but it’s not helping me atall and I have lost all hopes from life and don’t have any hopes or aspirations to live.

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    This was my original post,

    Its a good initiative that you have started but sometimes when people are in problems and come for solutions, such things can hit them hard.

    Its just a suggestion because it’s hit me really bad and I’m stuck maybe there can a better way so that atleast other people don’t land up in a situation that I am in.


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    You have wrong notions on Astrology. Read my blog to get to know the scope of astrology in life. It only helps you to warn about the future and it is not a panacea for all your problems.

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    Jupiter is transiting 8th house from lagan and its on your natal moon , position will be better after sept 2018.
    Your atmakaraka is mercury which essentially teaches you that you need to respect other people view point as far as knowledge on any subject is concerned . then only people will appreciate and respect your view point.
    Moon dasa from 2019 will be emotionally better for you. And Jupiter transit into 9th house can bring positive transformation in your life.


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    Thank You Satishji,

    Can I get your email id or any other contact details?

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    I read about Atmakaraka Mercury and its seems true about me.

    I enjoy learning and dancing. I dont intend to hurt anyone but yes my speech is blunt and so mostly am misunderstood.

    Infact even at this age I am looking forward to another MBA.

    Satishji, it would be great if you can let me know how can I contact you.

    I need direction and some hope in life.

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