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Difficult Rahu dasha

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      I’m 24. I’m in 9th year of Rahu dasha and I have occasional suidical thoughts because of all the difficulties I’m facing.

      My education plans didn’t work out. I’ve always wanted to study medicine (for neurosurgery especially) and psychology (for psychotherapy/neuropsychology) but so fair it hasn’t been possible because of difficult family situation. Now, 5 years after high school, I’m doing masters in foreign philology, but I hate it. I’ve wanted to be an academic teacher too.

      I have no friends. I’m stuck living with my pathological and abusive family because I can’t afford to move out. I have severe PTSD and eating disorders. I’m still young and I could still pursue some other degree, but I would have to cut myself from these people first and recently I’m losing hope it will ever happen.

      I have a rare genetic condition (with malocclusion) that affects my teeth and my face. I cry whenever I look in the mirror. I will be having an orthognathic surgery but I don’t have the money to do the cosmetic dental work to make it look normal.

      I’ve never been in any relationship and money situation isn’t good either.

      I ask myself – If my life is gonna look like this then what’s the point…? I feel like I will never be successful in anything.

      Do you see any career/education/relocation oportunities in my chart in upcoming years? I’ll be grateful for any insights. All I really wish for is to be freed from these demonic people and regain my mental health so that I can focus on studies.

      November 27, 1995
      06:04 AM
      Warsaw, Poland (52°14′N 21°1′E)

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      Except Saturn, all planets are malefic in your horoscope. Have a look below

      Planet Nature Net Strength

      Sun Malefic 6.85
      Moon Malefic 17.07
      Mars Malefic 51.79
      Mercury Malefic 6.43
      Jupiter Malefic 84.60
      Venus Malefic 43.14
      Saturn Benefic 84.01
      Rahu Malefic 81.86
      Kethu Malefic 72.34

      Net Malefic 50.51

      Sun, Mercury and Moon are deplorably low in strength and nature. You should migrate to some distant country like Australia or Newzealand or Papa New guinea to improve the strengths of your planets. As long as your are in Poland, the situation will not improve.

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      You can come up in your country itself.
      You may do job not related to your education. So don’t give importance to education.
      Rahu dasa sun Bukti shall give some respite.
      But your Guru dasha shall be Better.
      Try employment in Legal side, Garment industries etc

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