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Difficulty in love relationships, saturn, pluto, any help?

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      Hello there, I can safely say, that I have had problems, for a few years now, with love/partnerships and feel I have had, what can only feel like lessons to have learnt in my life about maturity and also growing as a person too through partnerships. However this last one has really topped me over the edge.

      I have just split from my partner and it was like I changed into a completely different person, ie a nervous wreck and just had to leave him in the end, otherwise I would never have known who I was in the end. Which resulted in me feeling more pain and if I didnt get out, I would have been, I think very unwell.

      I am 26th feb 1975, born 05:38am in Glasgow, Scotland

      Can anyone shed any light for me when I meet someone who I can grow with, I have a feeling it may be when jupiter is in my sign next year from 29th Dec 2021 onwards but not too sure, just needed some insight really from yourselves if anyone can look a little deeper, it would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you so so much 🙂 x

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      Navneet Khanna

      As I can see your birth chart, I can say that you are in the main period of Rahu (North Node) and sub period of Saturn till 7th December 2021. Thereafter you will enter the main period of Rahu and sub period of Mercury. As Gemini sign rules your 7th house of relationship, I feel entering into the Year 2022 will open up a new alliance for you on the relationship front as well. Just look around and surely you will find the person who would be a good companion and bring you happiness. As Saturn is in your 7th house in your natal chart, remember to go slow when in a relationship.  All the best and thanks for visiting the astrology forum.



      Navneet Khanna



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