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    My dob is 17 july 1987, 12:50pm delhi..I recently got married on 3 march but now I don’t want to stay with my in-laws .. I want divorce .. wat are the chances of divorce in my kundali.. boys details are 4. 10.1984, 6.45 pm faridabad.

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    What I could best give you is a scientific compatibility report of both your horoscopes using which you will see whether you are compatible to live together happily in future. And you may be able to understand your own individual shortcomings. If you are interested, you can come through Paid Consultation after going through my blog

    Divorce is not endorsed in Astrology since it is purely a legal term based on the prevailing rules of the law of the land. Marriage is universal in all living beings to sustain themselves in this world.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Before 3rd March2019,you mmight be approaching astrologers
    to know when you are going to be married.
    Now after 15th April,you are approaching astrologers,when
    you are going to get divorce.
    Again after getting divorce,you again approach astrologers,
    when you are going to be married.
    Definitely,the astrologers must be pitied to face such

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