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Do i have any chance of settling abroad

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      Respected sirs,
      I am thankful to all of you for answering my birth details are 2/6/1982 at nigjt 9.20 born at hyderabad.sir after health issues are solved.i want to try for employment in finland or malaysia. Will surely return back to my lovly country after few years.does my birth chart show any chances of working abroad. Thank you all.

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      This needs a detailed evaluation of your horoscope and you will have to come through Paid Consultation to get a reliable answer to your question. You can read my blog for more details.

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      Suresh Kumar R

      Will I get a job in abroad and get settled and will get promotion in this week?

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      Your knowledge in English language is rather poor and it is unlikely that you will be successful in going abroad unless you better your language command. Astrology cannot answer this question.

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      Respected sir,
      I have always dreamt of settling down in abroad.
      May I please know if I would get settled abroad?
      Dob : 09-07-1994
      Time : 01:10 am
      Place of Birth : Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

      Many thanks in advance.

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      Your place of birth is where you want to be as decided by God. He has not divided this globe into countries. They are all man made for administrative convenience. Astrology does not endorse the word “abroad”. You can settle anywhere you like. Astrology can only indicate chances of long distance travels which is very much there in your horoscope. Crossing any water stretch or mountain will make it a long distance travel. Only Wayside astrologers will tell you that you will travel abroad and settle down there etc.

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