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Education and communication

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      Neeraj MK

      I’m Neeraj MK, 07-12-1999 Tuesday 07:38AM in Erode, Tamilnadu. Vrischika rashi anusha nakshtra 3charan/padham. Since childhood I’m absent minded, unable to think clearly and communicate properly and I’m having long difficulty in learning.
      Now I’ve to lead my family in the absence of my father, pls suggest me suitable remedy and also kindly suggest me the best job.
      My very humble request

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      You have a powerful personality and you could do well in Politics since you can lead a team of persons. Read “Are there remedies in Astrology” on Navagraha astrology Online

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      Neeraj MK

      Sir thanks for the info. But I currently don’t have any relatives nor frnds to support me nor any wealth. We hardly manage to get our 3meals per day. Pls suggest me the perfect job so I could make my mom and brother live happy and for a long time.
      We are in dire need of your help sir, pls help me. Sir which planets are strong in my birth chart?
      Pls help me sir

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      Amit astro

      Dear Neeraj,

      Please tell me about your education that what have you studied till now…And have you tried for any job till? Whats your interest line if you want to do job?


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      Hello Neeraj,

      Best suitable option for You is Teaching and also you can do something related to creative work like decorating something, designing something or try learning animation. You can also sale garments for ladies side by side.

      As I am not sure if You will be able to buy Gemstones at this condition, so I am mentioning only some free of cost and low cost Remedies which you can try applying regularly. Once you get result you can contact me for PAID consultation and other Remedies.

      1. Hear the Vishnu Sahasranaam regularly from YouTube or so (preferably using headphone).
      2. Chant “Om Namah Shri Ganeshaya Namah” as much as possible daily and when you get time.
      3. Respect and render service to Your Mom and mom like figures
      4. Try drinking a cup of milk mixed with White Misri before Sleeping daily
      5. Get proper amount of Sleep
      6. Start Your day with Prayer to Your Guru and Lord Ganesha.
      7. Try reciting some affirmations regularly.
      8. Pour Panchamrit or at least Milk mixed with Water on a Shiva linga every Monday in any Shiva Temple.
      9. Force Yourself from bed as soon as you wake up instead of delaying on bed due to laziness.
      10. Donate/Offer some fried food regularly or at least on Saturday to beggars or poor paralyzed persons.

      Thank And Regards,

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      Neeraj MK

      Respected sir,
      I’m standing on my final semester of my Bsc.biotechnology degree. This field is really great but I’d have to finish atleast PhD in biotechnology to get a job with a good salary or to become a scientist in drug development. But current financial needs and familial situation make it impossible for me to pursue education that far.

      I’m planning for a job in an IT firm for a good salary to help my family situation sir. Will that be good enough to earn good money and lead my family? Do I have a bright and successful career in IT?
      I’m learning programming also sir. Pls guide me here

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      To have a good career in IT you need a good exposure to Artificial Intelligence and a high degree of expertise in programming which is very unlikely to get for a bio-technology graduate. What best you can get in IT field is some data entry type of work which will never fetch you good money. Do not waste your time.

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      Neeraj MK

      Thank you so much sir.
      But since childhood I’m very struggling to bring a presence of mind and it is very very difficult for me to learn anything. My worst communication spoils everything. Pls suggest me a suitable way to tackle this.

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      Neeraj MK

      Hi sir, your remedies and calculation did work. Thank you all for your hep here. I’m willing to consult you. Where and how to consult you sir?

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