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Equation between me and my wife.

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      Hello Sir,

      Jai Shri Ram!

      My Details:

      Birth: 14th March 1977

      Birth Place: Mumbai

      Birth Time: 10:32 PM

      My Wife’s details:

      Birth: 06th December 1977

      Birth Place: Mumbai

      Birth Time:  8PM

      We got married on 25th June 2007 and have a cordial relationship. I have 2 daughters and would like to know if we will have a son? My wife is not in favor of having another child and my parents deeply desire a grandson. I feel very demotivated and disturbed due to pressure from both sides.

      Kindly let me know your inputs looking at our horoscopes.

      Thank you Sir!

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      Navneet Khanna

      As I can see the possibility of happiness from Son is not very strong in the charts. Also would like to add that today girls are equal to boys. They are more compassionate and caring. There is no differences between boys and girls. Your parents could hold different views as they belong to a different generation, but I feel you have to decide what is needed.


      Navneet Khanna


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        Thank you for your inputs and clarity!

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