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      Mrunali Anand Patil

      15 aug 1996

      Time of birth 11:37am

      Place Thane (Mumbai)

      I am pursuing Company Secretary course. In my final stage now. My two groups are remaining to get clear and now my exams are from 10th august . So will i clear in this attempt?

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      This is the 8th time you are asking the same question regarding your career in this year.

      You horoscope evaluation shows that you have a just average horoscope with a success factor of 42% which is not good enough for getting a good career. The only alternative is to go abroad so that the transit horoscope there could help you which you have to individually check with an astrologer.

      Regarding your question about completing the Company Secretary course, there is a good chance since from 10th aug 2021 to 19th August, you will be running Mercury pratyantardasa which is quite powerful with 87% strength. However your Sun and Saturn parent dasas are powerless with 14% and 46%.

      Read my blog in my profile for more exposure on scientific horoscope evaluation.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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