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Family issues

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      Dob 26 sep 1991

      Place kollam kerala

      Time 12.37 am

      I have been facing lot of family issues right from childhood.. And its been the same now also… I have no struggle on financial issues but no mental peace from family side…. What is the cause in my horoscope and will it be solved

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      Animesh Chaturvedi

      you’ll face isolation due to your family all the time, and this will be pertaining all time, if you perform good in this time, then it will give you good results afterwards, but if not, then you’ll face severe mental issues, so my advice is, that you should focus on your work and your potential rather than focusing on your mental stress, and loneliness, you’ll emerge as a great guy if you focus right.

      and, do not waste water, and serve your mother as much as you can.

      additionally, you lie about prices of items purchased by you, to other people.

      your father’s family will ask for something that will be logically wrong but morally right, maybe you’ll have to choose between your wife or siblings and father’s family.

      you’ll have to sacrifice for your mother from 36-42.

      at 26 too, your father’s family asks for a logically wrong thing, but morally right.

      it’s your good time with your mother, property and vehicles at 28, 40.

      do not criticize your mother if you do.

      there is a cremation ground, or a restaurant or bakery near your house, a playground also.

      you have to sacrifice your travel and siblings for mother.

      you’ll travel after your marriage to a place where a lot of people are there, or probably buy a vehicle or property there.

      sudden changes due to religion or diseases, or asthma, or breathing problems.

      a lot of mobile phones and siblings.

      father and mother both have a lot of siblings.

      travel due to profession.

      losses/expenditure on mobile phones/siblings/travel.

      do not criticize your spouse’s family if you do.

      mother’s  digestion is slow or she has constipation.

      you don’t like to write in exams, can memorise easily.

      spend a lot on your mobile phones, or siblings.

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      Uma sir pls reply

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      Is my horoscope good? Will i be in high position career wise and how will be my future earnings

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      Pls reply

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      jvsrao (KP Astrologer)J V Subbarao


      Your horoscope is good. You always try to do something and easily you can not get satisfaction  You are always eager to do something more even you get the desired result. The reason is lagna sublord is Venus. Venus is in the star of star of Ketu in your lagna. Ketu can not give satisfaction easily. Venus is in trine to Moon, karaka for mind who is in 10th house (house of reputation). Venus is in the 2nd house conjoined with 10th lord Jupiter. So you always  show eagerness to get high status.

      As your birth star is Aswini which belongs to Ketu, who is in lagna, gives you above said results. Always you will feel dissatisfaction.  So Ketu dasa ran upto 08-01-1998.

      Next dasa is of Venus which ran from 08-01-1998 to 08-01-2018. Venus is in the star of Ketu in lagna and conjoined with Jupiter lord of 7 and 10 in 2nd house. So It gave you the same results.

      Present dasa is of Sun which is upto 08-01-2024. In this period you can come up well with all your self efforts. In transit Saturn is transiting in Moon star upto 16-02-2022, you will unnecessary tensions and disappointments.

      There would be promotional developments in Sun period. In Sun dasa Mercury bhukti which is from 27-10-2021 to 02-09-2022 you may face some minor health issues relating to abdomin or other gynec problems.

      Good Luck


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      Thankyou for taking time to look into my chart

      Yes it is very true that  i am never satisfied.. But at the same time my family has never given me mental peace

      Also i have been trying to get a job since 8 years and still no luck.. Also me and husband have constant fights

      These issues are haunting my mental peace and i dont see any solution

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