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finance & marriage

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    my dob is 3/01/1988
    time 3:31pm
    place kolkata

    kindly if anyone can explain me
    1.can i get enough money in my life?
    2. in which year i can get marry? i am in a relation with a non-mangalik girl?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Vrishabha(Taurus).
    First house-vacant
    second house-moon-good
    fifth house-Kanya-kethu-bad
    Seventh house-Kuja own house–not good for
    marriage.Good for other purposes.
    Eighth house-Ravi,Budha and sani-average
    ninth house-sukra–good
    Eleventh house-Guru own house and rahu-bad.
    Presently running Sani period upto2034.
    Budha and Sani are lucky planets for this lagna.
    They are located in bad house.
    You may get big property by inheritance.
    Your luck is oscillating.
    You are strong manglik.
    You should be very careful in marriage.
    There will be many obstacles in marriage.

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    thank you sir

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    hello sir how will be our match?…we are in a relation for above 6yrs, we want to settle, is it possible?

    girl dob- 16/02/1987
    place -kolkata

    boy dob- 03/01/1988
    place kolkata

    kindly reply… thank you

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    Dear Nilanjan,

    You will definitely have enough money. Specially, after 2020 , money matters are very strong. You may try for Govt Job as well.

    For Marriage, please avail my PAID service. Many things are there to analyze and discuss with you regarding marriage.

    And, Please don’t ask any further free questions. MAIL ME only If You want PAID consultation,

    You can mail me at:

    Thank and Regards,
    Astrologer Sourav

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