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Financial situation

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    I want to know when my business will do better and when my financial situation will improve.

    Ketu vyas
    14 August 1974
    8-24 am
    Rajkot, Gujarat, India

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    Where are you currently doing business? And what is the nature of your business? Your horoscope is indicative of doing well in business with good profits etc. as per the place of birth.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Simha..
    Kuja is excellent planet for this lagna.
    Kuja is in Lagna.It is very good for power and money.
    The bad point is Sani is looking Kuja.
    So,kuja’s positive power reduced by 65%.
    Kuja is spoiled to a large extent.

    Guru is in seventh house.
    You got a rich and lucky wife.

    Sani and moon combination is bad for finances.

    Budha in 12 th house,spoils finances..

    So your finances are very weak.
    You will face ups and down in your business.

    You have to do penance for 2 years,
    to reduce the bad karma of previous birth.

    You have to go on fasting for one day in a week.
    ON that day ,you have to eat only uncooked vegetables.

    You click the following link in google. YOu will get articles.
    Read them.

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    Thanks for reply, as you asked me where and what kind of business am doing?
    I have food business in shopping mall.

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    Is it in Rajkot or some other place far away from there?

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    It’s in the USA.

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    In which case, your question has to be answered taking the place of business in USA for which the horoscope has to be r-evaluated using your natal lagna and transitory planet longitudes. Come through Paid Consultation with exact place in USA after reading my blog.

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    From your chart it shows that Your Mother side and Your Mamas are very strong.
    How about your wife?
    At a very young age you would have started Business carrier.

    Now coming to your Business improvement Now the present dasha is Saturn.

    Yes october 2015 to 30-6-2021 is bad patch.

    After that it should improve.

    saturn dasha is upto 2027.

    Balance period should be excellent.

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