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Gem stones and shoes business

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      kalyan anand

      Dear navneet sir and tmr sir i have recently started gem stones business and leather shoes business have invested my savings in it do you see any success in it

      5 july 1994 Mumbai india time 5:08 pm

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      Navneet Khanna

      Yes you can get good success in these businesses. But kindly note that you are in the Rahu period which indicates hurdles and obstacles. Also in your birth chart 2nd house lord Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu in the 12th house forming the inauspicious Guru chandal dosha. Jupiter is debilitated in the Navamsha chart. Doing the below remedies is recommended for success.

      1. Put Kesar tilak on your forehead or throat or Nabhi daily
      2. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays
      3. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily


      Navneet Khanna

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