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gemstone recommendation

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      puki wrote:

      Name- pulkit
      DOB- 16/09/1995
      Time- 14:08

      Ascendant is sagittarius.
      Sun, saturn, mercury are in their own houses.
      Mercury forms punch maha purush yoga and venus is in neech bhanga rajyoga(maybe not sure).
      Moon who is lord of 8th house is in 6th house and exhalted due to presence in taurus. this forms vipreet rajayoga.

      But jupiter is in 12th house. Jupiter is alsa a virghottama planet and is in aspect with the moon forming gaja kesari yoga.
      How good will the strength of this yoga will be and how will mahadasha of jupiter will behave starting from year 2020 ??
      Will wearing yellow sapphire beneficial even after jupiter is located in 12th house which is a dusthana ??

      PS: 1st day wearing red coral, health got bad.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Thanks for a details on your Birth chart, kindly note that the Gaja kesaro Yoga is not good, because Moon despite being exalted is most malefic planet or MMP in your horoscope as it is the 8th lord.

      Second Yes Yellow Sapphire is strongly recommended, despite Jupiter being in the 12th house. Jupiter is the lagnesh and therefore its stone is strongly recommended. You should wear Yellow Sapphire on Your right hand Index finger on Thursday Morning for benefits.


      Navneet Khanna

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