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Going Through Markesh Dasha

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    My husband date of birth is 13/08/1980 place Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh time 05:03 hrs.
    Astrologer has told to my family that my husband is going through markesh dasha till mid of 2015 and he is having problems (related to career and health) in his life till before 2016.
    Can you kindly throw some light on this and make it clear to us.
    Your reply will be of great help.

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    Your husband is not running any Markesh Dasa. His horoscope is reasonably powerful. Currently he is running Rahu Mahadasa and Jupiter antardasha both of which are malefics, but with good residential strengths and therefore nothing serious will happen, except for minor problems. The overall strength of his horoscope is 52% and can be classified as a reasonably good one.

    Have a look at his planetary dispositions :

    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 45.73 54.23 25.43 Benefic
    Moon 81.41 23.33 58.36 Malefic
    Mars 50.53 37.90 43.96 Malefic
    Mercury 63.01 40.43 42.90 Malefic
    Jupiter 87.84 31.53 37.05 Malefic
    Venus 53.13 61.78 28.54 Benefic
    Saturn 12.85 35.70 37.64 Malefic
    Rahu 48.38 23.33 58.36 Malefic
    Kethu 48.38 35.70 37.64 Malefic

    Net 54.58

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