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Guru Chandal Dosha in the 12th house

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    I have Guru Chandal Dosha in the 12th house in my kundali please tell me for remedies

    DOB 20-2-1987
    12-10 am

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    Yes you have this dosha and recite Narayanakavacha 3 times in the morning and 3 times before bed time.

    The possible effect of this dosha are this combination in the 6th house will give success to the native. He will amass a lot of wealth. However the health of the native will always be dicey. The native is likely to suffer from diseases of the intestine and also diseases which are not easily detected. These natives are very critical of their religion and may change their religious beliefs during their life time

    Just check whether you have indications of the above. If there is none, you have nothing to worry about it. Jupiter is a malefic in your horoscope.

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    Guru Chandal Dosha Remedies

    1. Chanting the Brihaspati Mantra.

    2. Donate any Yellow item like cloth, haldi, honey etc in a temple or orphanage.

    3. Wear 11 mukhi Rudrasha.

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    sachin sharma

    sir my name sachn sharma
    dob 28 may1987

    3.33 am


    sir please tell me about my kundali what is the solution for it

    email me on

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    “This combination in the 12th house makes the native very unfortunate. He will be foolish and disrespected by others. He is likely to be punished for wrong doings. A secluded life is indicated.”

    You have this combination of Rahu and Jupiter in the 12th house but they are more than 10 degrees apart. So its effect is almost fully diluted. A conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter within 5 degrees on either side only produces this combination and if it is there the above said results will be noticeable.

    For more details come through Premium paid services for a scientific analysis of your horoscope.

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