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Want to know about Health problems that im facing

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    7:20 am
    Garhbeta ,west Bengal,India
    Dear astrologers ..I m going throgh very tough period my two ear surgergy already done now i am suffering from impacted wisdom teeth which creates problem for me doc suggested that i have to remove these teeth through surical process kindly tell me that this surgery will be sucessful or not ?is there will be any harmful effect on my health throgh surgery plz kindly tell me..

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    Nothing to worry about such a surgery. Many people do have it these days. It will never harm your general health. If you feel pain in your mouth and find it difficult to chew, surgery will remove it altogether.

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    Sir I am passing through very tough and i m confused about my life decision i am engaged in a relationship about 9 yrs but he is from another caste but my parents is agaibst this relation they want that I should marry within brahmin caste not any another caste but the boy’s caste is sc should I marry that boy ?will it be a sucesful mariage …nothing is going right either in my health or my personal life even i m not able to doing a job ..plz suggest me something sir

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    Astrology does not prevent you from getting married to anyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The only thing you must do is to check the horoscope compatibility which is essential for the safe continuance of marriage till death. You may read my blog and come through Paid Consultation if you are interested.

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